Our network of commercial real estate agents share the strength of a solid universal business reputation that’s great for business.

When property owners see our signs, they consider the advantages of a brand that stands for strength, integrity and trust.

Our namesake, Berkshire Hathaway, is the No. 1 company in Barron’s annual ranking of the world’s 100 most respected companies. This speaks to a commitment to business ethics and integrity.

Flexibility and Growth

Each local office is empowered to provide clients with information and support. They use technology resources, and strategies that work for them as they assist their clients with their commercial real estate needs.

Our training programs provide various self-teach modules for administration, operations, marketing and business planning.

Network Services is designed to help franchisees use network tools and services to drive financial success and with business planning to identify quality acquisition prospects to assist you in growing your business.

Marketing, Public Relations and Communications

Using a comprehensive brand-awareness campaign and internal/external marketing, public relations, and communications and PR professionals, we will inform consumers and commercial real estate professionals about the brand, value proposition and competitive differentiation.

We offer our network members access to marketing tools including professionally designed marketing material for property promotion and business growth.

Networking Events and Education

We believe in our network members’ success. Our events and educational programs equip members with the tools they need to grow and enhance their business.

Participation in our annual Sales Convention and various training sessions held throughout the year also provide networking opportunities to establish relationships with other professionals.


We provide a wide range of prestigious awards that recognize top commercial professionals for their achievements.

During Sales Convention, we provide members a chance to shine through recognition events including receptions and special ceremonies.

Nationally Respected … Globally Recognized